Acces to market
  • A member of the WTO

  • A member of the EAEU with the preferential access to a common market with more than 180 million consumers

  • A gateway to the neighbouring markets with over 500 million consumers

  • 50 million
    Central asian markets
  • 300 millions
    Western china
  • 150 millions
    Caspian Sea Countries
Vast natural resources

Kazakhstan has a wealth of natural reserves

  • 1

    World’s leader in production of uranium

  • 2

    2-nd in explored reserves of chromium, lead and zinc

  • 3

    3-rd in explored reserves of manganese

  • 4

    5-th in explored reserves of copper

  • 5

    Top 10 in explored reserves of coal, iron and gold


Kazakhstan has 24 Airports (72 air corridors). The capital - Astana - hosts 126 international and 289 domestic flights to the international financial centres, such as Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Seoul. Direct flights to over 55 international destinations depart from Almaty International Airport weekly.

Kazakhstan accounts for 70% of transit traffic passing between China and Europe as well as in other directions. Kazakhstan’s land transportation system enables transits from the southeastern provinces of China to Europe in a maximum of 15 days (3 times faster than sea transits).

Time-efficient cargo transportation

Western Europe - Western China Transcontinental Auto Expressway allows products to be shipped between China and Europe in just 10 days.

Sea Ports Aktau and Kuryk with a combined capacity of 20 million tonnes. Developed Sea Port infrastructure in other countries include Batumi (Georgia) and logistics terminal in the Pacific port of Lianyungang (China).


Kazakhstan boasts the most advanced telecommunications infrastructure in Central Asia

Region’s highest internet penetration rate of 77% and extensive 4G network.

Human capital
  • 35th UN Education Index 2020
  • The highest literacy rate in the region - 100%
  • Highly-skilled, cost effective workforce Average monthly wages: $416 Kazakhstan, $549 Russia, $701 China

  • Visa-free regime for the citizens of more than 65 countries including all OECD members
  • 128 higher education institutions, 8 of them are listed in the world’s best universities “QS Stars Development Road map” ranking 2018
  • BOLASHAK International Scholarship: Over 10 thousand specialists have been trained in the world’s top 100 universities

Government Incentives and Support

  • 13 Special Economic Zones


    • corporate income tax
    • land tax
    • customs duties
    • value added tax on import products
    • property tax
  • 36 Industrial Zones


    • Access to established infrastructure and digital networks
    • Options for long-term leases and repayment schedules based on cadastral land value
    • No sectoral restrictions
    • Opportunity to conclude Investment contract with the Government
  • Investment Contract offers the following incentives

    • In-kind state grants (land plots, buildings, equipment, etc.)
    • Exemption from customs duties and value added tax on import products
    • Exemption from taxes
    • Investment subsidies
Priority Sectors of the Economy
  • Machinery
  • Energy
  • Transport
    and Logistics

  • Mining
    and Metallurgy

  • Agriculture
    and food industry

  • Chemistry

    and Petro-chemistry

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