Michael is the current Сhairman and a prominent figure in the business community of both countries.

    He has played an active role in promoting trade and investment between Israel and Kazakhstan, and has worked to strengthen the economic ties between the two nations.

    With his extensive business experience and leadership skills, he is a respected figure in the Israeli and Kazakhstani business communities.

    Thanks to his efforts as a former Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv, he played a crucial role in establishing the Sister City agreement between Tel Aviv and Almaty on December 7, 1999, creating a lasting bond and collaboration between these two dynamic cities.



    Anna's expertise spans a wide range of industries and markets, making her a valuable asset in furthering the interests of the Israel-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TPP). Her extensive experience in hi-tech, commercial law, and international transactions could greatly contribute to strengthening trade and technological cooperation between Israel and Kazakhstan. Furthermore, her role as a mentor in various Israeli hi-tech hubs and her leadership in Pearl Cohen’s underlines her capability to foster relationships and drive initiatives that can benefit both countries.



    Zeev is the CEO and a recognized expert on the Central Asian region.

    He holds a high level of education and is a professor specializing in research on the Central Asian countries.

    As the head of the Israel-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce, he plays a key role in developing trade and economic relations between the two countries and promoting investment in the region. With his knowledge and experience, he is a respected expert in the business communities of Israel and Kazakhstan.



    Sanzhar is the Deputy CEO and a former government official

    of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

    with experience in national companies

    and the central bank.

    He is an effective and key leader in the organization.

The Chamber, its leadership and members have extensive contacts and networks in both countries including direct personal connections to leaders
in both the public and private sectors.

The Chamber offers subject-specific expert knowledge in combination with Kazakh-Israeli language and cultural competence, and the IPCC presents members with unique access and information necessary to build business and investment opportunities as well as drive commercial activities in both Kazakhstan and Israel.

Members have access to numerous value-add activities, knowledge-sharing, networking, contacts and events
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